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*peeks around the corner*

Happy Birthday! *g* As that I am a horrible person, I don't have a gift, but I'd be happy to write/make you one! Ficlet, icons, whatever! Just give me the word and I'll get started on something. I always enjoy your posts and I'm glad to call you a friend.

I hope you have a wonderful, realxing birthday! And a great year to come! :)
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Happy, happy

So, these two guys heard about your birthday request for WWII AU fic, and were pretty adamant about wishing you a Happy Birthday too. They insisted that they'd help add to the general atmosphere... their rendition of  "Happy Birthday to You" *is* hilarious, but they gave me a *record* [can you believe it?] and I haven't the faintest idea how to upload it. *shrugs*

[See, I told you they were excited.]

*throws confetti*
*starts up the swing version of the Birthday Song*

Welcome to year 27; may it bring you joy, inspiration, much love, laughter and the company of good friends .

Well, I don't have fresh-minted verse for you, my dear. Since others are giving you music, I thought some supplemental poetry might also help set the mood for the lovely fics being written at your request and in your honor. :D 

I have link to a War Poetry index, with some interesting pieces of WWII work. I find I like Keith Douglas in particular. Try Actors Waiting in the Wings of Europe, Aristocrats and How to Kill. I found the Dylan Thomas piece evocative: A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Fire, of a Child in London

Two other pieces not as directly linked: 

W. B. Yeats -On Being Asked for a War Poem
    -An interesting point of view from a poetic rabble rouser
Seamus Heaney- Testimony
    -Crossing of memory and history, I suppose

Have a lovely day and a marvelous year!
*lifts glass*
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This is the story of seven strangers…

So on Monday, Kath says to me, “Ang. I wanna rope you into writing Jack/Sawyer sub porn.”

And I thought, Well now, never knew you to ask for something so kinky. Course, what I SAID was “HUH?”

(Well, typed, not said, but you get the drift.)

“Sub porn,” she responded, “Porn on a submarine.” And I thought, Well now, never knew you to ask for something so cracked out.

Politely though, ever so sweetly (and Kath will attest to this – g’on, ask), I inquired as to why she was asking me to write submarine porn. She explained that you, our dearest Aleesha, had requested WWII AU and the group decision was to, in fact, provide you with an abundance.

I thought, Damn. Kath’s not the ONLY crazy one.

But seeing as to how I generally balance on the line of insanity myself, I figured it was pretty clever and a plan I could get on board with. (Me? Left out? Noooo!) And after a few hours of pondering (and one too many Office and Firefly attempts that never got off the ground), I caved.

So here we are, you wonderful woman. I have written you submarine porn, more imagined WWII details than researched ones, but there’s porn nonetheless.

In fact, I figured, might as well take that initial thought of sub.Dom and run with it.

Happy Birthday, babe! You made this fandom such a fabulous place for me to be when I met you over a year ago, and I am ever so grateful for your enthusiasm in all your fannish pursuits, shared or not. It’s the GLEE that you get when discussing them that makes me smile, and I am so SO glad to know you and have your friendship.